Amnesty Office Appeals for Patience over Delayed Allowances

Prof. Charles Dokubo, Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Programme, has called for tolerance, patience and understanding from delegates on the payment of their allowances and scholarships.
Dokubo made the call on delegates of the Programme within and outside the country in a statement signed by the Chief of Staff, Presidential Amnesty Office, Major Kesiena Mowarin (rtd) on Thursday in Abuja.
Dokubo said this to douse the tension and questions arising from recently deployed student delegates who were uncertain of the status of their scholarships and payment of allowances.
He said that he was aware of these concerns and was poised to tackle lingering inhibitions to the progress of the programme.
He disclosed that Presidential Amnesty Office was currently carrying out an audit of its books, an exercise that will be concluded soon and actions expedited on the payment of outstanding stipends and other allowances to delegates duly.
According to statement, the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme is an academic and so has the best interest of these scholarship delegates at heart.
“He will fight day and night to ensure that these students whether here in Nigeria or abroad stay in school and concentrate on the task of graduating with excellent.”
He went further to stress the imperatives for quality education, explaining that the office realizes the importance of sustaining its scholarship platform and would work assiduously to achieve set objectives.
He, however, advised delegates to disregard rumours bothering on expulsion or removal from the Presidential Amnesty Programme scholarship scheme.
Dokubo, who recently assumed leadership at the Presidential Amnesty Office, has been meeting with various interest groups from the Niger Delta in a bid to engender support for the new development blueprint of the Buhari administration for the Niger Delta.