Charlie Boy Threatens 2m-man Match against Calls for Sack of Kachikwu


Charlie Boy on Wednesday condemned the call in some quarters for the sack of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) GMD and Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu.
The showbiz maestro and activist told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that those making the calls were “enemies of change, that must not be allowed to prevail’’.
“Let those who know the job be allowed to do it or else, I will be forced to mobilise two million protesters, to march against this useless agitation.
“We are all aware of the plots, nonsensical, local and ethnic intrigues called politics, being thrown up to tamper with Kachikwu’s position.
“With the changes I have seen in NNPC and my personal interaction with this outstanding Nigerian of great repute and intelligence, it will be a disaster if we lose him,” he said.
He described the agitation as “politically-motivated and reactionary to efforts at bringing order to the petroleum sector’’.
“We all know that corruption is fighting back at the war against corruption.
“It is clear that most of the people responsible for our economic woes are fighting back, not knowing what may happen next.
“In my opinion, this is one of the ways they’re putting up the fight.
“They want to rid Buhari’s government of the few who can make visible impact, in a system that has hitherto been jeopardized,’’ he said.
He noted that anyone who truly held Nigeria’s interest dearly, would shun devisive, religious and ethnic politics, and allow things to be done objectively.
The maverick, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to beware of plans and tendencies to scuttle his change agenda.
“His campaign was about change, which I hoped was all-encompassing; change in our mindset, our attitude to work, and above all, not business as usual.
“These unscrupulous elements must not be allowed to find him predictable, and hold him hostage in his own administration, as it was the case in Nigeria in not too distant past.
“I can’t say that I was too thrilled with some of his selections for ministerial posts; however, it is based on one of his outstanding ministerial selections that I am calling on him.
“Mr President must not allow the brown-nosed praise singers to meddle with and interrupt the flow of our Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum,’’ he urged.
NAN reports that fuel scarcity across the country in very recent times has brought untold hardship on Nigerians.
Some individuals and Civil Society Organisations had called for the removal of the Minister following his comment that the fuel situation would continued till May.
The Minister, however, while before the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream on Tuesday, assured Nigerians that fuel scarcity and queues would end by April 7.