Resurrected by Tuesday’s Bombing, Borno Elders Urge Jonathan to Probe Incident

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After months of silence and inactivity, the once fiery group in the crisis-ridden Borno State, Borno Elders Forum, has made a solemn appeal to President Goodluck Jonathan to inquire into the cause of the incident because it suspected foul-play in the episode. Forty-three persons were killed by the blasts.
calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately institute an inquiry into
Chairman of the Forum, Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, said the culprits of the bomb attack should be brought to book.
Galtimari said: “The Forum has thoroughly diagnosed the events preceding the bomb blast and feels highly disturbed and frustrated.
“For nearly one year Maiduguri had almost regained absolute peace and harmony. Our hitherto devastated people had started picking up their lives. The bomb blast came to us as the rudest shock. The Forum condemns in the strongest possible terms.”
Galtimari added that: “The Forum therefore appeals to President Goodluck Jonathan for an Immediate and thorough investigation of the bomb blast. The culprits involved should be brought to book. We have had to go through extremely traumatic times for long and any further hardship on our people must be curtailed at all costs. What all of us must do at this point in time is to continue consoling our devastated people and cushioning the effects of the long period of insurgency.
“The Forum appeals to the government and particularly Governor Kashim Shettima to remain focused and steadfast. We also appeal to our armed forces to critically examine and treat the situation at hand with professionalism and patience.
“Our brave young warriors- the Civilian JTF should also continue to stand for and defend the integrity of our people. Their sacrifices for our society will never be forgotten. Allah (SWT) will surely bless and protect them.”
“We equally call on all our people to be vigilant and pass any useful and verifiable to the law enforcement formations,” he added.

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