2023: Group Accuses Northern Govs of Working Towards Nigeria’s Disintegration

**Northern Governors meet at the Kaduna Government House on Monday Sept. 27.
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A pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organisation Coalition of Oodua Self Determination Groups (COSEG), has accused governors from the Northern region of Nigeria of working towards the disintegration of the country.

In a statement on Thursday, COSEG described Monday’s resolution by the Governors and leaders from the North as regards zoning of 2023 presidency, as self-serving, anti-south and reckless.

The statement signed by COSEG Chairman, Dayo Ogunlana, reads in part: “We are not at all surprised by the resolutions of the Northern governors on the rotational presidency between the North and South.

“It only reinforces our long time fear of one Nigeria lies always being put forward, when we are to be scammed by the average northern oligarchy who always believe that Nigeria is their birth right and it is only meant to be ruled by them only whether by crook or any means whatsoever.

“Their resolutions are not new. We know their game, we know those who are encouraging the spill but we must warn that it will cause Nigeria a lot and this is clearly the beginning of an unimaginable episode.”

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The group cautioned that those drumming the sound of rascality, overconfidence, disrespect and disregard for long time warning on respect for zoning should thread carefully and heed the warning of the consequences of inaction or over-rated ego on zoning between the North and South.

The group also berated the Northern Governors Forum on using the Nigeria constitution as alibi for their claim.

“It is worrisome that these Northern Governors did not even care to look through section 14 of the 1999 pro North military constitution where rotation was discussed before coming out to ruse lies and talk about the illegality of rotational presidency or office rotation.

“If it’s about the Constitution, it was clearly stated that there must be rotation so that one ethnic group or tribe will not continue to dominate others. The Northern Governors believe that the politically motivated numbers they have in the north will be used to scorn and win elections even against the spirit of zoning.

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“We make bold to clearly warn these Northern elites as represented by these Governors to stay clear off this impending doom for this country and retrace their steps as we will never accept any northern presidency in 2023. They should just forget the idea.

“We clearly saw the game when it all started. It did not start this month, it started early last year and we are also prepared for it. Cheating of any means must stop if Nigeria must grow and remain,” the group noted.

COSEG, however, called on all political players in the south to be wary of their actions and avoid betraying the southern cause on the agreed rotational system.

(Text, excluding headline, Daily Independent)

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