26 Years after Suspension, Borno Brings Back Monthly Sanitation Exercise

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Borno state government has re-Introduced monthly sanitation exercise in the state 26 years after it was suspended.
The monthly sanitation exercise is to commence this Saturday, 2nd November 2019, between 7am-10 am .
The State Commissioner of Environment, Engineer Kabiru Wanori, gave the announcement on Thursday at a press conference.
He said the Borno state governor has approved first Saturday of every month as Sanitation Exercise  Day  starting from 2nd November 2019.
He said the declaration was in line with the policy thrust of the present administration of the Governor, Professor Babagana Umara.
Wanori said: “A clean environment is a  healthy environment as the well being of the people is ensured.”
He added that there was the need to keep  the environment clean, support,  cooperate and for everybody to participate to compliment the concerted efforts of the present administration towards maintenance of a clean environment.
He called on all agencies to fully support and participate in the sanitation exercise, stressing that all households are expected to clean their immediate environment which is very imperative  because the issue of provision and maintenance of clean environment can not be left to Government alone.
He said that this “suppose to be a participatory exercise. The traditional rulers are also called upon to encourage their subjects to actively support and participate in the forthoming sanitation exercise by mobilizing them to clean their immediate environment to compliment the laudable efforts of the present administration towards  maintenance of a clean environment.”
He called on all and sundry to come out enmass to participate in the sanitation exercise.
He revealed that there would be no vehicular and pedestral movements on the 2nd November 2019 between 7 am and 10 am except for persons on essential duties.
He however noted that anybody found guilty or arrested during the sanitation exercise will be arrested and prosecuted  by the State Task Force on Environmental Sanitation Exercise.
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