50-man Gang Robs FESTAC Banks, Kills Mother and 14-month-old Daughter

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A 50-man armed robbery gang on Tuesday morning took FESTAC town, Lagos State, by storm and raided two banks in the estate and killed a middle-aged woman and her daughter.

The late woman, who was a nurse, Mrs. Jane Ndirika and her 14-month-old baby, Mmesoma, were  killed by the stray bullet fired by the armed robbers.

The duo were killed right in their sitting room, in their residence along 4th Avenue, when the robbers were sporadically releasing hails of bullets to ward off the police, whilst their operations were ongoing.

The woman was said to have been clutching her baby to her chest when the bullet pierced the wall of the house and hit them both in the chest.

They bled to death before help could come and were later certified dead at the different hospitals they were later rushed to.

The robbery which began at about 8am lasted to about 10am before the heavily armed gang successfully escaped through the canal at 7th Avenue unhindered, carting their loot.

Numbering about 50, the armed gang who were dressed in military camouflage had stormed 4thAvenue by Mobil Fuel Station, 23 Road Junction and successfully robbed Diamond and Access Bank simultaneously.

An eyewitness, Mr. Lawrence Epuechi, said what alerted them was the sporadic and heavy gunshots released by the armed robbers.

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Reacting to claims that they didn’t respond to the incident till after the robbers had gone, the Area E Commander, ACP Frank Mba, said they recovered about 27million from the robbers, who were forced to drop the stolen money before they fled.

He also said they recovered about 240 rounds of  AK47 live ammunition, adding that the money has been deposited at another branch of Diamond Bank, still in FESTAC Town.

He said, “At about 8.25am, the command received information of sporadic shootings along 4th avenue. A joint team of policemen from Area E headquarters and FESTAC Division promptly responded to the incident.

“On arrival, the police engaged the robbers numbering over 40 all in military camouflage and armed to the teeth in a fierce gun battle notwithstanding the inadequacy of the police in terms of numerical strength.

“The hot exchange of fire forced the armed robbers who were simultaneously robbing two banks to abandon the robbery operation. The police equally forced the robbers to abandon approximately N27million.

“The police later recovered the money and transferred it under armed escort to another Diamond Bank branch at 2nd Avenue for safe keeping.

“Police actions also forced the armed robbers to abandon 240 rounds of live ammunition before they robbers retreated to the waterfront from where they fled using their speedboats.”

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