Academic Charge Nigerian Elites on Sustainable Development

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By Martin Paul in Abuja

Nigerian elites have been advised to invent political parties with ideas, ideologies for sustainable growth and development of the country.

The Nigerian Academic of Letters (NAL) said in communique issued at the end of its 20thConvocation, Scientific session and investiture of new members, stressed the need for leaders of the country to respect public opinion and prioritise constitutional values.

It also said the academic sector needed to be empowered through research funding opportunities to be able to examine issues on nationhood, fairly and deeply.

“As Nigeria continues its march to modernity, the Nigerian state should consciously patronize and nurture programmes that would be assist in developing the nation’s diversity as a source of strength, not weakness, at the national level.

“Being cognizant of the fundamentality of loyalty as an indispensable element for state prosperity, NAL calls on the government at the centre to improve on its welfare programmes for the citizenry as it is the first precedent to the emergence of non-state violent actors, such as Boko Haram that feed on citizens’ disillusionment with the state in perpetrating artrocities and brigandage”, the body stated.

NAL had observed, among other things, that “a nation achieves unity not through dictatorship, infringement on citizens’ rights or brute force, but by negotiation and respect for the humanity of its citizens”.

It, therefore, added that there was the urgent need to rediscover “our sense of humanity and fraternity with a view to preserving the dignity of the Nigerian life”.

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