Actress Mercy Johnson Okojie Celebrates 8th Wedding Anniversary with Hubby, Children 

*Mercy Jonhson Okojie and family

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By Esther David

Nigerian popular actress Mercy Johnson Okojie and husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary.

The actress took to social media to express her undying love for her husband Prince, pointing out that she has no reason to live without him. She wrote;

@princeodiokojie, How do I tell you about the pain I go through when you are upset with me or when you are not around me?

It all makes no sense once you are not a part of it….. Your fragrance fills my every breath plus I cant live without you and there is no doubt about it….

You give me solace and you upset me sometimes but you are mine for sure….no doubt.. ..I have no reason to live without you and that’s a choice…my choice….

I love you and hey ” even if you get upset, always tap me way you do when no one is watching. I like it…..”

Happy 8yrs anniversary Babe…Love you with everything I am…. You compliment me so well….Obulu Abba….Oseme ….Omi ojie…. Please Lord, its 8yrs…make many more years come to pass…Eternity would be perfect…..

The couple got married in 2011 and have three children.

The actress has featured in; Mercy Johnson the carpenter, Heart of a fighter, Caro the shoe maker among others.

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