Ado-Ekiti PDP Withdraws from Local Council Election

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*Says EKSIEC, state govt lack credibility

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ado Local Government Area has said members of the party will not participate in the local government elections in Ekiti State slated for December, saying they will not allow the State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, to use them to achieve his aim of siphoning the state’s funds further and buy credibility for a pre-determined process.
In a statement made available to newsmen on Wednesday in Ado Ekiti by Hon Yinka Olomofe on behalf of Council of Ado-Ekiti PDP Stakeholders, the Council said Chairman of the State Independent Electoral Commission, Justice Aladejana (rtd) lacked the moral impetus to superintend over a body as sensitive as EKSIEC.
“The integrity of the man named as the Chairman of State Independent
Electoral Commission is in doubt. A man suspended as Chief Judge of
the state due to his professional misconduct lacks moral standing to conduct a free and fair elections,” the statement read in part.
The PDP leadership in Ado Local Government also alleged that the State Independent Electoral Commission was peopled by card carrying members of the APC, who were under strict instructions from Dr. Kayode Fayemi to declare all APC candidates as winners of the elections and thus will not embark on a journey to nowhere.
The statement said Ado Ekiti PDP leadership frowned at Dr. Fayemi’s
plan to siphon Ekiti State’s money using EKSIEC as‎ a conduit in a predetermined exercise.
“We also frown at the ridiculous amount of money which is said to be about N5 billion purportedly allocated for this shoddy exercise. We will not participate in an exercise which is solely aimed at siphoning the state’s scarce resources”, the party added.
Describing the emergence of APC candidates as an action erected on
need for political patronage, Olomofe said Ado Local Government PDP will resist the attempt to use it to assert credibility on a venture
aimed at looting Ekiti people.
“The issues surrounding the outcomes of the primary elections in APC suggests that Governor Fayemi handpicked his ward coordinators during the last governorship elections as councillorship candidates of the
“An election predetermined to payback supporters of Fayemi in APC cannot enjoy our participation. We will not give unnecessary credibility to an election with a predetermined outcome”, the statement read.
Citing its resolve not to endanger the lives of its members as another
reason the PDP will not be participating, Olomofe charged PDP members to continue to prepare for the 2022 governorship election, which will attract the attention of men of conscience from across the world, a
factor that will limit to a large extent APC penchant for electoral
manipulations and violence.
“APC members in Ado-Ekiti have reliably informed us that the governor has directed his political thugs especially transport workers to matchet, shoot or kill anyone that stands on their way before, during and after elections.
“The aggrieved APC members told us that the party leadership is aware of the non-popularity of their chairmanship candidate who is renowned for her Kleptomaniac life style. Although we were urged to participate because of the overwhelming popularity of our party in Ado-Ekiti, but we will not endanger the lives and properties of the innocent residents of Ado-Ekiti because of an election with a predetermined outcome.
“We therefore urge our members to continue preparing for 2022
governorship elections which is our focus and allow Kayode Fayemi and his political thugs continue their peculiar mess which by the grace of God will come to an end very soon”, the statement read.
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