Afghan President Karzai Okays Execution for 5 Kabul Rapists

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday signed orders for the execution of five men convicted of rape and armed robbery, in a case that sparked nationwide outrage.

The incident took place on Aug. 29 on the outskirts of Kabul, as a family was returning from a wedding ceremony.

According to police, the men stopped the victims’ cars and raped four women before robbing the family.

t said that one of the victims was pregnant and succumbed to injuries several days later.

“President Karzai signed off today on the order for execution of five criminals convicted of rape and kidnapping in Paghman incident,’’ Aimal Faizi, Karzai’s spokesman, said

However, the five had been sentenced to death in swift trials earlier this month.
An appeals court sentenced two others who were involved in the case to 20 years in prison.
Meanwhile police are still looking for three additional people believed to have participated in the assaults.

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