Arab Parliament Rejects U.S. Senate Interference in Saudi Internal Affairs

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The Arab Parliament (AP) on Monday called on the U.S. Senate not to interfere in Saudi Arabia’s Internal Affairs and to respect the Kingdom’s Sovereignty.


The AP expressed its rejection for the U.S. Senate’s resolution that contradicts with the principle of respect for states’ sovereignty and non-interference in their internal affairs, said Mishaal bin Fahm al Salami, chairman of the AP.


The U.S. Senate voted on Dec. 13, to end military support for the war in Yemen and blamed Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi Arabia on Dec. 10, slammed that U.S. Senate’s resolutions were based on unsubstantiated claims, warning that the kingdom would not tolerate any “disrespect’’ of its rulers.

“The U.S. Senate sent the wrong messages to all those who want to cause a rift in Saudi-U.S. relationship,’’ Saudi Foreign Ministry said.

“The kingdom hopes that it is not drawn into domestic political debates in the U.S. to avoid any significant negative impact on this important strategic relationship,’’ the ministry added.

The AP affirmed solidarity with the kingdom and rejection of any attempts to undermine or threaten Riyadh’s stability, either through the practice of extortion, exercising political pressures, or repeating false allegations.


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