As Suntai’s flown to UK for Treatment, Group Seeks Action on Gov’s Handlers

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A socio-political group, the Taraba Justice Forum, has demanded immediate arrest and trial for attempted murder of key leaders of a cabal  that criminally smuggled ailing Taraba Governor, Danbaba Suntai,  into Nigeria in August  last year and refused him all genuine request for urgent medical attention until now.
The group also demanded a commission of inquiry to look into the entire manner the Governor’s illness was handled including the seizing of his passport for the past 10 months.

In a statement signed by its General Secretary, Barrister John Ambulus, the group alleged that “the cabal attempted to murder the ailing governor by abruptly stopping his treatment in the United State, seized his passport upon arrival in Nigeria and held the governor hostage despite his worsening health” urging.
” Events of recent days have vindicated us. After months of denial and hostage scenario, the cabal has finally conceded to allow the governor to go abroad for medical treatment which they stopped because of their selfish interest. This is criminal, immoral and reprehensible. The right thing to do is to charge those behind the whole plot for attempted murder.

” If the cabal had allowed the governor to continue his treatment, may be his condition would have improved  by now. By stopping the medical treatment of an elected governor, the cabal endangered  his life. By the time he was flown abroad on Tuesday, the governor was worse than ever before.

“We urge all Tarabans to rise against this cabal. They attempted to kill Suntai due to their 2015 governorship ambition. They refused to listen to lawmakers and the Acting Governor who insisted that the governor should be taken back for urgent medical attention. The enemies of Suntai and Taraba are in the cabal. The friends of Taraba are the Acting Governor and the State assembly.

“We hereby call on the Acting Governor, Garba Umar, to set up a commission of Inquiry to find out the  culprits. Who ordered the Governor to be smuggled back into the country? Who seized the Governor’s passport to prevent him from seeking medical treatment? Who kept the governor hostage for the past ten months? Who are the field men who execute this evil plan?”, the group.

” If the Acting Governor failed to act under two weeks, we expect the Speaker of the House to take up the task failing which we will seek legal order to compel the Acting Governor to set up the panel”, the group threatened .

“We tell Nigerians through this medium that the ailing governor was flown to London under the instruction of a top retired General who had seized his traveling passport for the past 10 months. Before then, the health of the governor worsened  in recent  days forcing the family and the said General to concede to persistent request of the Acting Governor and the State Assembly that the governor should be flown out for treatment”, the group noted.

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