Attack on Atiku’s Office:  Violence is a Threat to Free and Fair Elections, Says  Fabiyi

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Chairman of All Atiku Support Groups (AASG), Oladimeji Fabiyi has condemned what he called unwarranted and unprovoked attacks on political opponents and their properties by supporters of their rivals.

Reacting to the violent attack on the Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign office in Katsina by unknown persons, Fabiyi warned that if political leaders fail to check the excesses of their own supporters, free and fair elections might be jeopardised in the country.

According to him, “resort to violence is the highest demonstration of political intolerance which poses a grave danger to our democracy.”

Fabiyi explained that “politics is a competition of ideas and therefore, you don’t need violence to sell your ideas” and that “political violence and thuggery is a Frankenstein monster that will ultimately consume its own proponents.”

Fabiyi advised voters to avoid violence inclined politicians: “Don’t let anybody use you to perpetrate violence, if they truly care about you, let them give you jobs and secure future and not perpetuate a culture of disunity in our country. This is why we support Atiku. He will bring the jobs and unity to this country that will bring an end to this type of divisive behaviour.”

Oladimeji Fabiyi explained that, “negative politics must be stopped, and if not it may be impossible to produce free and fair elections.”

He said politics “is a competition of ideas in which the people should be free to choose without the risks of physical violence for their choices.”

He noted that the worst manifestation of political desperation is sacrificing the lives of innocent voters for power, and advised Nigerians to avoid politicians that incite them to violence from a safe distance.

Fabiyi noted that the era of destruction is over and that the new era that beckons is one of building communities and lives for the overall good of Nigerians.

“We have had too much of destructions to both lives and properties. That era needs to end. We should be focused on bringing people together with the aim of mending broken lives and communities for the overall good of Nigerians”.

“I call on political leaders to condemn in the strongest terms possible this threat that is rearing its ugly head. It is time our country joins emerging league particularly in the sub region to enthrone free and fair elections, void of intimidation, and not an outlier among nations built on freedom and democracy.”

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