Prof David I. Ker: Before He Went to Sleep, a Tribute …

* Late Prof. David I. Ker
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Opinion | By Prof. Jeff Godwin Doki | 12. 09. 2021

Lamentably, in our world of big names, our true heroes tend to be anonymous and people with solid achievements and virtues like late Prof. David. I. Ker

are completely abandoned and ignored as unsung heroes.


He was a shrewd literary entrepreneur and teacher whose achievements are immeasurable and contributions to the literary world incalculable.


As a teacher, Prof. Ker saw his task as that of building minds and not mansions, as a teacher Prof. Ker saw his task as that of interpreting the arts to enrich and shape the mind of man and he carried out this task devotedly that with his death the entire world and the literary community seems depopulated.


It is often said that there are some people who bring a light to the world so great that even after they have gone the light remains. Prof. Ker is undoubtedly a member of that company.


It is quite probable that Prof Ker has never been so accepted and popular, it is also probable that Prof Ker was never so established in the possession of the minds of all who belong to the literati as he was now that he is dead.


Prof. Ker will be remembered as a literary General and a great human exemplar, he will also be remembered as a teacher and a mentor who is uncommonly courageous, principled and consistent. More than that, Prof. Ker will be remembered as a man of flame and flower, a passionate lover of life and laughter.


His death comes to us as a tragedy of the greatest magnitude and our ranks stand diminished especially because of the many things he achieved on earth before he went to sleep. May your head be pillowed in God’s bosom my teacher and friend.


*Prof. Jeff Godwin Doki is the Head, Department of English, University of Jos (UNIJOS)

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