Billions Await ‘Healing Streams with Pastor Chris’ on Live Services

*Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy Church.
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By Sylvester Ebhodaghe 


Billions of people all over the world expectedly await the upcoming ‘Healing Streams With Pastor Chris’ with heightened expectations as they look forward to what has become the pre-eminent healing programme globally.


A statement from the Healing School Department of LoveWorld Incorporated said that the 3-day program which kick-starts Friday July 9 will run through the weekend till Sunday July 11 comes close, hundreds of millions of participants from over 200 countries across the world eagerly look forward to the event.


The heightened expectations is not unconnected with testimonies that trailed the earlier event which took place in March this year where millions of people from across the world received healings for myriads of health challenges.

It could be recalled that during the last programme some of the astounding miracles included a young Mongolian woman who had her leg grow out and her gait corrected, a South African who got a brand-new heart; and a young Nigerian that had his hearing fully restored.

This has heightened expectations for the upcoming programme as far higher numbers of participants have already pre-registered for the event.

And to ensure that nobody is left behind, efforts are being made to ensure that the programme is beamed across the world to many venues.

To this end, homes, offices, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, police stations, military bases, beauty salons, superstores, malls, parks, laundromats, workshops, conference centers are being converted to healing centres to beam the programme live to participants across every country on earth with plans to reach at least six billion people globally.


Pastor Chris has already prophesied that wherever people gather to participate in this program, the power of God will be transmitted right into that place and there will be extraordinary miracles following the mighty move of God’s Spirit.


Participants have been enjoined to be expectant as God is going to heal “anything that hurts, anything that isn’t as it should be, and anything that has kept you bound”.

This program will do more than healing the sick, it will be an outpouring of grace and power that will affect your mental and physical health, as well as restore your finances and bring peace to the land.

To be part of this extraordinary event, participants are requested to do the following:
Register for the program, as an act of faith, with expectations to receive an abundance of blessing from the Lord;

Create a virtual healing center, so you can watch the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones;

Send your unique link (obtained after you create a healing center) to contacts and invitees, for them to participate in the program with you.

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