BMO Condemns Christian Elders Forum on Alleged FGN Persecution of Christians

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The Buhari Media Organisation(BMO) has cautioned the National Christian Elders’ Forum (NCEF) over its allegation that the Federal Government of Nigeria(FGN) is persecuting and condoning wanton murder of Christians in the country.

The BMO also faulted the NCEF for calling the FGN a liar for the latter’s rebuttal of allegations raised by the Christian group in its petition to the British Parliament on the state of security in Nigeria.

The NCEF had written to the British Parliament, appraising it of ‘the high level of insecurity in the country’, in which the group, among other things, accused the Nigerian government of persecuting and killing Christians. But the government wrote the parliament, saying issues raised by the NCEF were untrue.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke in Abuja, the group expressed deep concern over what it described as unfounded allegations raised by NCEF in its petition, particularly its claim that Christians in Nigeria were being persecuted and murdered under the current administration, with no evidence on ground to substantiate such claim.

“This deliberate action of the NCEF to cast aspersion and paint the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in bad light, particularly in the eyes of international community is unpatriotic, wicked, tendentious and a selfish and desperate move to blackmail the government.

“This is clearly a move to cause disaffection among the two major religions and their adherents and also to portray the Buhari administration as a hater of Christians.

“This will of course exacerbate the already fragile relationship between the faithfuls of the two religions, which could in turn culminate into religious crisis and heighten the state of insecurity in the country”.

BMO wondered what a group that comprised notable and respected Nigerians like Gen. T.Y Danjuma, Gen. Joshua Dongoyaro, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Dame Priscilla Kuye, Chief Solomon Asemota among others, stands to gain in disseminating falsehood about an administration which has been working tirelessly to restore hope to the people and enhance security of the nation and her people.

“Rather for NCEF to channel its energy towards breeding hatred, violence and dividing the country along religious and ethnic lines, it would have been doing the country a great service by offering useful ideas and joining other patriotic Nigerians in rallying round the current administration in bringing succour to the people”.

According to the BMO, it is unfortunate that this group has refused to acknowledge the various efforts being taken by the Buhari administration in addressing some of the knotty security challenges confronting the country. “If the previous People’s Democratic Party (PDP) administration had taken half of the measures the current government has taken in addressing the numerous problems facing the country, the country would not have been experiencing the current social–economic challenges.

“We make bold to say that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has recorded landmark achievements in the area of security within the last four years, compared to past leaders who had governed the country.

“Besides embarking on unprecedented projects and policy moves that are reforming Nigeria and delivering on the promises he made, the administration had in the last few months strengthened its security apparatus and reinforced its working force in tackling the security challenges confronting the country.

“As the NCEF look to unleash its personal agenda, we direct the group’s attention to the fact that prior to assumption of power by the Buhari administration, no less than twelve local governments were under the firm control of Boko Haram in the North East, before the current administration came to flush them out and restore peace and security in the entire North East.

“If governments in the past had been this sincere in transforming the lives of Nigerians, if they had invested half as much in the Nigerian people and the security as the Buhari administration is doing, Nigeria would by now have developed characteristics very much like the proverbial Eldorado,” said the BMO. 

“We assert that it is evident that NCEF and its members are blinded by passion of hatred borne out of their inability to realise their base material aspirations in the Buhari administration.

“They refuse to acknowledge and comprehend the quantum of challenges and work on ground for the Buhari administration to fix.

“NCEF cannot be in this country, and still be out of touch with the remarkable progress by the current administration in the area of security across the country, as compared to the last four years of the PDP administration. To utter such puerile remark about the state of security in the country today shows a frightening disconnect between the group and present realities.

“It is evident today that the Buhari administration is fixing and constructing roads in their hundreds across the country, transforming the Second Niger Bridge from mere political campaign tool as used by previous administrations to a reality. Also, the Anchor Borrowers Programme of the Buhari administration, among others initiatives of government, has been giving loans to farmers engaged in rice and wheat farming where over 250,000 farmers have benefited.
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