Boko Haram: Emir of Gwoza Returns Home 5 Years after  Expulsion

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Five years after he was expelled by Boko Haram, the emir of Gwoza, Alhaji Muhammadu Idrissa-Timta returned to his chiefdom.
The emir had fled to Maiduguri, shortly after the attack of his town, Gwoza which the insurgents later declared their caliphate.
The hilly town was attacked and captured by insurgents on August 14, 2014 and the emir’s palace with the insurgents notorious flag hung on made the seat of the Boko Haram with the town named the capital of the terrorist government.

Though the town had been recaptured by the military from the insurgents over three years ago, but the emir official return to his palace last Sunday after the completion of it’s renovation.

The two other emirs in Southern Borno, that of Uba and Askira displaced at about the same time with Emir of Gwoza had returned to their chiefdoms late last year.

The emir of Gwoza, seems to hold no grudges against the insurgents who waylaid and killed his father, Shehu Idrissa-Timta (the emir at the time) on May 30, 2014, asking them to lay down their arms.

He said: “The insurgents’ laying down of arms, could be implemented through Nigerian

Army’s safe corridors, de-radicalization and their integration into society.”

He urged the military and other security agencies to provide security around Gwoza, and flush them out from Mandara Hills, east of Gwoza.

He appealed to his subjects to return home and rebuild the destroyed communities to restore their livelihoods.

He also appealed to Borno state government to provide temporary shelter for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) recently returned from Gombe, Nasarawa states and Abuja to Gwoza.

Apparently excited about his return to his chiefdom, the monarch said: “Today is my
happiest day, as I officially returned to my chiefdom of Gwoza.”

The Deputy Governor, Umar Kadafur, who accompanied the emir to Gwoza to the town, said that the government was aware of the challenges faced by the emir in his bid to return back to his town.

He however lamented that: “The emirs of Dikwa and Bama, are yet to return to their respective chiefdoms.”

He promised that: “We are going to accelerate the reconstruction and rehabilitation of

hospital, water supply and public buildings.”
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