Boko Haram Kills 7, Destroys Damasak as Residents Relocate to Nigér

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By Sam Kayode

No fewer than seven people are feared killed in the assault mounted by Boko Haram on Damasak, a Borno State community.

The attack started  since Saturday when they took residents of the town by surprise.
But the Nigerian Army’s spokesman, Brigadier-General Mohammed Yerima, told METROWATCHONLINE.COM that the town was fully in the hands of the Army as at Friday morning when the online medium spoke with him.

On civilian casualties, Yerima said that “mopping up exercises are still going on by the Army, so I cannot be specific about the casualties so far right now.”However, a  senior military officer, who craved anonymity, however thinks otherwise.

He said the details he received from that axis “indicates like just seven bodies have been identified so far, except if the insurgents took some corpses away as is usually their practice when their own is involved.

Humanitarian sources also told METROWATCHONLINE.COM that the civilian casualties could have been more than that but because of the lack of communications that exists between Maiduguri and Damasak.

Many others wounded from stray bullets, according to our  sources, were said to have dragged themselves and few household items including what to use to break fast for a couple of days and entered the bush into Niger Republic which is the shortest and safest to run to from the border town.

“Some of them fasting while some of them, young kids not fasting, ran off with their praying mats and anything they could get their hands on and headed for the bush.

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“As at yesterday, an estimate of over a 100,000 of the residents had taken to their heels because the insurgents had burnt down a sizeable portion of the town leaving nowhere for them to put their heads and about ten people dead,” said our source.

There was no clarity about the status of Damasak the capital of Mobbar council area as at the end of Tuesday but sources say that the town had been completely abandoned by the residents after the insurgents
ransacked the place burning down many homes and offices which were rebuilt since the last attack and causing colossal amount of fiscal damage to the government of Borno state.

“They did not only kill people but equally looted the food we kept in ware houses for the internally displaced people (IDP.) In short, they looted lots of foodstuffs while retreating into the Savannah after committing their criminal acts.

“I can confirm to you that no humanitarian staff was killed but in the first attack on Saturday, 2 women, 3 children were killed.

“In the second attack, a woman and a child, were killed, bringing the total deaths to seven.

“Indeed my humanitarian colleagues left long ago when they had a strong conviction that Damasak was going to be attacked again like Kala Balge so they have all been relocated to maiduguri the state capital.
“As for those who fled the place, we are yet to see any of them around here in Maiduguri but we were told that some government officials who had access to cars escaped with them. but a sizeable chunk of the people fled to Niger Republic,” said another humanitarian source.

“As i speak to you several facilities have been damaged in the council headquarters. And some of them have been damaged twice and rebuilt between 2009 and now, so its only God that can save us from this vicious cycle of these people who are always looking for a way to hurt the people”, said the source.

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Facilities damaged in the last attack of Damasak include: “the General Hospital, PHC clinic run by FHI360 and 2 of their vehicles, Police station, Sen Abubakar Kyari’s House, the District Head’s Palace, CJTF Chairman’s house, LGA Store keeper’s House, House of Rep’s members house, a mobile storage unit (MSU) operated by ACTED and WFP Warehouses of 8 organizations minus the residents of the IDPs’. As a matter of fact, lost cargo worth over $250,000 were carted away by the insurgents.

Others include “ACF office and guest house, FHI360 office, NRC office/guest house and 1 vehicle, INTERSO’s office, GISCOR guest house and many others which will be documented as the days go by,” said our humanitarian sources.

METROWATCHONLINE.COM further learnt that the damage this time was extremely colossal because the Insurgents destroyed sources of power and the water tanks in the humanitarian hub were destroyed by fire from the burning MSU in an adjacent compound.

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