Cattle Rearers Set Agenda for Service Chiefs to End Insurgency

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By Abraham Olatokunbo
Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has called on the Service Chiefs to have a sincere holistic review of the nation’s security system in order to bring back peace and unity to the country.
KACRAN, in a signed statement on Monday by it’s National President, Hon Khalil Mohammed Bello said since independence the nation apart from the time of the civil war has never faced the kind of threat it is facing now.
He lamented that the nation is at a near precipice and the Service Chiefs need to hit the ground running by assuring all of security of lives and property.
He said: “If there is any time in the over sixty years of Nigeria’s history, when almost all the entire people of the nation reposed trust and high degree of expectation for extraordinary or magical performance from the country’s security chiefs it is this time.”
He advised that some of the things they need to take seriously is the issue of Boko Haram’s persistent attacks on innocent Nigerians in the North East and some part of the country; terrorists activities who wickedly attack, kill and destroy properties of innocent Nigerians in the North West and some parts of the country.
Others are issues of: “Human kidnapping whereby motorists and people of several towns and villages are being subjected to endless attacks; cattle rustling where gunmen attack herders and rustle all their livestock and in some instances kill them if they refuse to allow them to go away with their animals; illegal action and reaction of herders versus famers who usually take law into their hands by attacking each other in the name of retaliation; separatists unconstitutional agitation for the vulcanization, fragmentation or division of the indivisible Nigeria which negates the Nigeria’s written and rigid constitution which clearly stated that, Nigeria must remain one strong, indivisible and indissoluble country.”
He equally said for consideration are: “Violence and all sorts of criminal activities in the country must be brought to an end.”
He said: “In view of the above few outlined security challenges, bedeviling our country, the newly appointed service chiefs have a great task ahead of them as Nigerians have high expectations on them for the safety and security of our beloved country.”
He said: “KACRAN wish to advise them to start with sincere and holistic general review of our security system to bring positive changes in the way this war is going on,” among others.
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