Cleric Admonishes Muslims on Islamic Celebrations over Buhari’s Victory

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Sheikh Nasir Dawud, an Islamic scholar in Kano, on Wednesday admonished Muslims to emulate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on how to celebrating victory.

Briefing newsmen in Kano, Dawud condemned the way and manner people were celebrating the victory of the Presidential election in the state.

He noted that the celebration was not in line with the provisions of the Sharia (Islamic law).

He reminded the faithful that they were expected to show their appreciation by saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ (thanks to God) or reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an.

The cleric said Muslims could also express happiness to God by performing two special raka’at prayer or Sujudul Shukr (prostration of gratitude).

Dawud, therefore, advised youths and the general public to avoid reckless driving of motorcycles and vehicles on the roads as a means of celebrating any form of victory or happiness.

“The advice is aimed at avoiding accident that can cause lost of lives, property or injury,” he said.

He also enjoined members of the public to continue to pray for peaceful coexistence in the state and the country.

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