Coups: Goodluck Jonathan Foundation Urges African Leaders to Respect Rule of Law

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By Abraham Olatokunbo


The Goodluck Jonathan  Foundation (GJF)calls on  African leaders to safeguard democracies in the continent through the adherence to the rule of law and delivery  of good governance.

 Communications Officer of the Foundation, Wealth Dickson Ominabo  in a statement to mark this year’s international day of democracy, quoted Ms Ann Iyonu  Executive Director of GJF as saying   that  “essential values of democracy such as the rule of law, separation of powers and constitutionalism  are no longer adhered to in many Africa countries” and this trend poses a threat for the  survival of the continent’s democracy.

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Below is the Full Statement…

 The Good luck Jonathan Foundation ( GJF) joins the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s  International  Day of Democracy.

Democracy as a form of government is a platform for achieving peace, equality, justice, inclusion and sustainable development.

However, in many African countries today,  the essential values of democracy such as the rule of law, separation of powers and constitutional term limits are no longer adhered to.

This situation poses a threat to the survival of democracy in Africa, as the promises of  peace, justice, and human freedoms are daily betrayed.

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To safeguard our democracies from further recession and attacks, we call on governments  to deliver on the promises of good governance, and prioritise free and credible elections and guarantee the rights of all citizens.

Democracy flourishes in an atmosphere of peace, freedom and justice. This is the route we should follow to shore up our democracies and make democracy meaningful to all citizens.

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