Court Dissolves Pastor’s 2-year-old Marriage over Battery, Infidelity

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A Lagos Island Customary Court on Friday granted the request of a 38-year-old woman, Mary Iyayi, by dissolving her two-year-old marriage to a pastor, Samuel Iyayi, over battery and infidelity.
The Court President, Chief Awos Awosola, dissolved the union and told the parties involved to maintain the peace ‘’anywhere they see each other.’’
“Starting from today, you ceased to be addressed as husband and wife, you must maintain the peace anywhere you see yourselves,” he said.
Awosola ordered that the petitioner, Mary, should return her dowry of N1000 to her 35-year-old ex-husband.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that right inside the court, Mary gave back her dowry to the pastor.
NAN also reports that the petitioner approached the court on May 14, seeking the dissolution of her two-year-old marriage, citing battery and infidelity.
The petitioner told the court that her husband raped her and caused her to lose her two-month-old pregnancy.
The petitioner, Mary, a makeup artist, who lives at 49, Oke-Olu St., Iponri, Lagos, told the court that her husband was brutish.
“He held my hands to the wall, so I could not move, l told him that l was pregnant and that I was fragile. He did not listen and forcefully made love to me.
“After, I started bleeding and l lost the pregnancy. He told me later that he merely helped me to flush the pregnancy.
“I had three abortions for him during our courtship, I did that in order to save his ministry from crumbling.
“It was after l got married to him that l knew that he married me because of my money and not that he had true love for me.
“He once told me that he prefers a woman with big breast which l do not have,” she told the court.
Mary told the court that her husband used beat her at any slight provocation.
“He beat me, pushed me and l hit my tommy on the wall, l lost another pregnancy in the process,’’ she said.

She also told the court that before she left her husband house in June 2014, her husband had stopped sleeping in the same room with her.
“Due to the three abortions and two miscarriages l had, l was told at the hospital that my womb had been tampered with and that it will take the grace of God for me to be pregnant.
“Also, my husband threatened to kill me if l leave him because in their church, they cannot marry another wife if the former wife is not dead.
“I packed my belongings out of his house except for my wedding gown which he seized. I want my wedding gown back because he might use it against me.
“I am the only child of my parents, I do not want to die, I want the court to help me collect my wedding gown from him and dissolve the union,” she said.
Mary told the court that she bought almost all the house items, including the two handsets her husband is using at present.
While responding, the husband, who lives at Assembly of God Church, Alpha Beach, Lekki, told the court that he did not rape her.
“It is true we had sex and she bled, but I did not rape her. Also, she left home in April 2014 for one and a half months, she came back after our church members’ intervention.
“I am ready for the dissolution,” he said.
NAN also reports that the court also collected the petitioner’s wedding gown from the Pastor and gave it to her.

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