COVID-19: Uncertainty Reigns as OPEC Moves its 60th Anniversary Celebration from Feb to May

*The OPEC headquarters, Vienna, Austria.
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By Sam Kayode

The organization of petroleum exporting countries has postponed its
60th anniversary celebration which was slated for the 26th of February
2021 in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, to May 2021.


In a memo addressed to the entire oil producing delegations and signed
by the Iraqi Minister of Oil, Ihsan Ismaael, said the postponement was done
to respect the present stiff protocols being applied the world over to
stem the tide of the second wave of coronavirus which he said is deadlier than the
first which started last year.


To this end, Ismaeel noted that the celebration has been postponed to
the second half of May 2021 to be on a safer side.


The minister, while announcing the postponement, said: “We were hoping to
hold this auspicious event on the 26th of February 2021. However after
evaluation of the ongoing global uncertainty and challenges related
to the Covid-19 pandemic, and findings, we have had from the thorough
discussion on the status of covid-19 during the aforementioned
meeting, this pandemic continues its rapid spread across the world
resulting in implementing further measures in many parts of the globe
to curb the spread of it including extending strict lock downs, travel
restrictions, gathering limits, in addition to the fact that most
vaccines are expected to get approvals between january and march”

The Iraqi minister noted that the entire membership of OPEC is
proposing that the celebration should come up in May instead of

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