Delta to Establish Teachers’ Training Institute,  Says Official

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Indications have emerged that plans are already on by the Delta State goverment to establish Teachers’ Training Institute In the state, consultant to the Delta State government on Education,  Prof.  Patrick Muoboghare has revealed.
The institute which would be established soon, baring all unforeseen circumstances,  according to Muoboghare,  is part of the recommendations handed on to the state government from the recent education summit held in the state.
The institute according to Muoboghare who is the immediate past Commissioner for Basic and secondary education in the state, is part of deliberate efforts by the state government towards revamping the state public schools, restore discipline and academic morality within the state education systems
Muoboghare who revealed this yesterday during an interview with the correspondent in Asaba, the state capital, stated that henceforth,  the institute would be the major prerequisite in offering teaching job to any individual within the state public school,  irrespective of the individual’s academic qualifications.
He said, ” We are about establishing Teachers’ Training Institute In Delta State.  This I can tell you authoritatively because,  we are already working on it abd we are close at establishing it.
“When fully established,  if you want to teach in any public school in the state and you have Phd in methodology,  or Phd Chemistry in Education,  you must come to that Teachers’ Training Institute where you will be taught again how to teach in Delta State.
“Maybe you learn how to teach in England or Europe,  you must come and learn how to teach in Delta State, particularly for new entrants.  But for those who have been teaching already in the state, every holiday,  there is a course for them to partake in; either for French,  English, Mathematics,  Games Master etc.
“Any moment from now, we will start and this will address some of the academic challenges we are currently witnessing in the state and thus; restore normalcy to our education system” Muoboghare said.
On teachers welfare,  the former Education Commissioner said kudos must be given to the Delta State Government as it still ranks the best in the country in terms of teachers welfare, adding that at present,  teachers in the state receive the highest salary in the country.
Adding he said,  “As I talk to you right now, Primary School teachers in the state now get to grade level 15 based on their qualification while Secondary School Teachers now get to grade level 17 and also,  they could become Permanent secretaries. All these are to make them happy and productive.
“Again, we have made it as a matter of policy that at least,  50 teachers at any given time will be on a grade level 17 while we currently have almost 3000 of them who are now on grade level 15. The funny thing is that the more we promote them, the more they are disgruntled, and I do not know why” Muoboghare said.
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