DHQ: Fathom Mutiny Report, Handiwork of Mischief-makers Working for Terrorists

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By Augustine Osayande


The Nigerian Military has denied mutiny reports published by a United Kingdom-based media organisation.

According to a statement issued by Defence Headquarters in Abuja, the soldier in the interview is an impostor.

It said the fathom mutiny report is the handiwork of mischief-makers working for terrorists.


“That degree of cowardice is not in the character of a real soldier of the Nigerian Army. The series of lies contained in the alleged responses of the faceless person referred to as a soldier confirms the whole arrangement as another step of the mischief makers working for terrorists. No soldier has been sent on any mission without being armed. Each soldier answers for his action in terms of discipline” the statement said.


It added that anyone who knows the military reward for mutiny will not join another person to try it.

“The overwhelming majority of the Nigerian soldiers remain as brave and disciplined as ever. They will certainly not join any renegade, coward, deserter or those trying to incite mutiny in the military to betray the nation at a time like this, in a way that impostor told his interviewers”.


The statement said his claims are false: “Certainly soldiers are not being sent to die. We may not have everything now, but we are improving on weapons and equipment rapidly”.

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