Divorce-seeking Woman Tells Court Her Husband is Woman Beater

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By Oluwatope Lawanson

A 34-year-old beautician, Olubunmi Shonde, has asked an Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her “loveless marriage with her husband”, Adeshina, alleging battery and victimisation.

The petitioner, a mother of one, who resides at Majaro Street, Ogba, in the Agege area of Lagos, had approached the court for the dissolution of the eight-year-old marriage, on grounds of alleged blackmail and other irreconcilable differences.

Olubunmi told the court that she finally moved out of her matrimonial home on Dec. 24, 2018.

The petitioner, who described her husband as being temperamental and violent, told the court that on a few occasions, she had moved out of their matrimonial home due to his incessant beatings.

“l have suffered so much loss due to constant beatings by my husband,” she said.

Olubunmi claimed that when the pains became unbearable, she reported the matter to his family members but it made no difference as her husband refused to change his attitude.

“My husband has been violent since we met and l kept hoping he will change for the better, but it became worse, coupled with the fact that he smokes marijuana.

“I had to take my child out of the toxic environment when l started noticing his bad influence on him,’’ she said.

The petitioner also claimed that her husband was fond of sleeping out of the house for weeks, without her knowing of his whereabouts.

“He keeps harassing me at my place of work, cursing my parents and embarrassing them in their presence.

“There was a time he insulted my mother and she vowed never to step her foot in our home again,’’ Olubunmi said.

The petitioner, who insisted on the dissolution of the marriage because of her estranged husband‘s bad way of life, told the court that she needs to be alive in order to take good care of herself and her child.

“I am no longer interested in the union; my husband does not care for me and beats me habitually,” she said.

The petitioner prayed the court to give her custody of their son and to award her other consequential orders, as the court may deem fit.

The respondent, however, denied ever raising his hand against his wife.

“I still love my wife and do not want to divorce her,” he said.

Adeshina, 40, a forex trader, therefore, pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage.

The respondent, who admitted smoking marijuana, promised to change his ways and be of good conduct.

He said that he does not want his marriage dissolved and urged the court to help them in settling the misunderstandings between himself and his wife.

The court president, Mrs Patricia Adeyanju, told the couple to remain at peace and adjourned the suit until April 18, for the adoption of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


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