Donor Community’s  Statement on Nigerian Military’s Search on UN Facility in Maiduguri

The below members of the donor community wish to express their concern with respect to the unauthorized search by the Nigerian military of a United Nations base for humanitarian workers in

Maiduguri, Borno state on 11 August, 2017.


We welcome the clarifications provided by the Nigerian government at the federal and state levels and we take note of the acknowledgement that this operation was a mistake. We appreciate the government’s commitment to uphold the principles of International Humanitarian Law which protect all humanitarian organizations.


We wish to confirm our commitment to support humanitarian operations in north-east Nigeria, and reaffirm our determination to continue to work closely with the government of Nigeria, the United Nations and other international aid agencies to assist and protect the most vulnerable in the region.


Signatories (alphabetical order):


*The High Commission of Canada


*European Union (EU)











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