Don’t Muzzle  ‎Legislature, Secondus Warns Buhari, APC.

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*Says doctrine of separation of power must be respected

By Ndubuisi Michaels 

‎National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), against muzzling the legislature and the other arms of government as the administration settles in its 2nd Term.

Prince Secondus speaking against the backdrop of what he called the obvious direct involvement of the President and his party in Tuesday’s election of principal officers of the 9th Assembly, said that the doctrine of the separation of power must be respected and guided to avoid dictatorship.

The National Chairman, speaking ahead of the inauguration of the 9th Assembly said in a statement from his media office signed by Ike Abonyi, that his warning has become absolutely germane given the dictatorial tendencies  of the APC administration as seen in the last four years, and their continuous propensity to disregard the rule of law and other principles of democracy.‎

According to the PDP boss, available intelligence to the party shows that the Presidency and the APC have concluded plans to use intimidation and coercion against legislators not ready to do their bidding in their desperation to hoist leadership on the legislators.

Prince Secondus revealed that the Presidency and the APC have been arm-twisting the technocrat officials of the National Assembly to fashion out favourable rules that would enable them have their way.

He said that the “apparent disregard for the basic principles of separation of power by this regime points clearly

to their eventual destination which is dictatorship.”‎

The National Chairman said that the executive is trying to take over the 9th Assembly so as to realize their long held aspiration of hijacking the legislature which began in August last year during the state sponsored stealing of the Senate mace and the aborted illegal seizure of the 8th Assembly.

“Indications are clearly showing that full blown dictatorship is brewing in our country

“When a supposed democratic government brazenly muscles all the other arms of government, the legislature, the Judiciary and even the press, the fourth estate of the realm, we should be worried at what is loading in our polity.

Prince Secondus said that any government not disposed to respecting the separation of power and rule of law as enshrined in our constitution in a democratic setting, is looking for absolute authority which is nothing but totalitarianism.

“Finally, the National Chairman admonished the legislators of the 9th Assembly to guide their independence jealously and refuse to be intimidated knowing that as elected representatives of the people, that the the parliament is opium of democracy.”

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