EKOBA Plans Big for 107th Founder’s Day

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Members of Eko Boys’ High School, Lagos, Old Boys Association (EKOBA) will roll out the drums on Monday, January 13, 2020 for the 107th Founder’s Day anniversay of their Alma Mata.
The school, Eko Boys’ High School, (EBHS), was founded on January 13, 1913 by Reverend  William Benjamin Euba of blessed memory.
Part of the activities lined up for the 107th Founder’s Day Anniversary is the Church Service sponsored by the 1980 Set of EKOBA as part of their own 40 years celebration of leaving the school.
The Church Service is billed to hold at Hoares Memorial Methodist Cathedral, 321 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos between 3:00 pm and 5: 00 pm on Monday, 13th January, 2020 according to the Publicity Secretary of the 1080 SET of the School, Ekorian (Alhaji) Mikail Adegoke Mumuni.
The National Body of EKOBA has Ekorian Rilwan Fashina as President, while Ekorian Akinpelu Osuntoki is the President of the 1980 Set.
Eko Boys High School Lagos was founded 13 January 1913 by Rev. William Benjamin Euba, a teacher and master of religion at the Methodist Boys High School, Lagos. He was the former principal of Methodist Boys High School, Lagos, for seventeen years before establishing Eko Boys High School.
 It was with a desire to establish an African Institution that would provide educational opportunities for the less privilege citizens of Lagos that Rev. Euba established this school. The school started with 28 students at 30 Broad Street, Lagos, next building to St. George’s Hall, Lagos, opposite the Methodist Boys High School.
After a few months, the number of students have increased so considerably that the premises could not accommodate them. A new premises had to be sought for. Rev. Euba succeeded in obtaining a new premises at Oil Mill street Lagos, the school moved to the new site the same year on October 14, 1913. This new site was to be occupied by the buildings of Baptist Academy.
Among the students then were late Magistrate Adebiyi Desalu and Francis Euba, Orlando Martins, E.A Ewedemi, A.B. Soares, J.S McGregor and Lawson of Salvation Army. In another 10 years the school was progressing both in the fields of education, sports and religion. When the lease of the property expired in June 1924, the landlord was not willing to renew it, and the principal was faced with the problem of where to relocate the school.
With friends and some important people gathering together, knowing the school cannot be run on commercial basis, some estate agents were approached but no encouraging results were forthcoming.
But when the principal was on the verge of total frustration, he saw the beckoning hands of late Joseph Henryson Doherty, ace merchant of Alakoro who offered to the principal a plot of land at the junction of Andrew and Ricca streets in Okepopo, Lagos.
The principal quickly put up a temporary building of corrugated iron sheets to house the students. On the morning of July 21, 1924 the school moved from Oil Mills Street to Ricca Street. In appreciation of the kindness and the financial help, the school therefore named one of the school houses: Henryson House.
The founder Rev. Euba retired shortly after the registration of teachers started on the occasion of his birthday celebration on August 23, 1927, when he was 70 years old. He announced at the close of the occasion organized by the school, his retirement from all the activities of the school and handed over all the future management in the hands of Mr. Obadiah Edwards Roberts who he had much pleasure in appointing the principal of the school.
The education officer, in his special report which was made after the school had moved to Ricca on 10 August 1928 said “The school is held in two rugged constructed corrugated iron building.
“Screens are provided between all classrooms and there is a general atmosphere of intelligent organization which is seldom found in non-assisted schools.
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