Explosion, Gunfire Cause Stir at University of Maiduguri

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By Sam Kayode

Multiple explosions in some suburbs of Maiduguri yesterday caused students of the University of Maiduguri to run helter skelter for protection.

Some residents of Mairi Kuwait said that the explosions were coming from the Kaleri axis where the last mortar was launched which killed over a dozen of people while others told METROWATCHONLINE.COM that it was from the Sambisa forest axis which is immediately after the fence of the university.

The explosions which started by 7: O’clock  in the evening, left a lot of residents of the university community scared and on red alert because a number of them thought Boko Haram insurgents were coming close to the university’s  main campus.

“We were all in the Aisha Buhari Hostel when the explosions became intense not knowing where the sounds were coming from. So some of our room mates ran down stairs, just waiting in open places for the worse to happen.

“Five explosions went off between the hours of 7 till after 10pm on Easter Monday while one of them was quite intense. We later heard that it was Boko Haram trying to infiltrate into the fence of the university but they met the stiff resistance of soldiers stationed down there to protect the campus community.” Said Esther Mishelia of
the sciences.

Professor of Education, Hawa Biu, however told METROWATCHONLINE.COM online that she equally heard the explosions but was thankful that whatever it is
the security obviously nipped it in the bud before it got to the campus or out of hand.

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