Fayose to Labour: Buhari Not Sincere with Minimum Wage

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*Workers should not be deceived

Immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose has said
President Muhammadu Buhari was never sincere with workers on the
N30,000 minimum wage, describing today’s setting up an advisory
technical committee on the as diversionary and plot to further deceive
the workers.
He said the President became jittery when the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) vowed not  to vote for him unless the N30,000 minimum wage is implemented and opted to deceiving the workers with the Bismarck Rewane-led committee.
According to a release issued on Wednesday by Media Aide, Lere
Olayinka, the former governor asked what other function the committee
will perform since he already promised to send a bill to the National
Assembly to effect the change from N18,000 to N30,000 three months
Fayose said; “It is on record that on November 6, 2018, while
receiving the report of the Tripartite Committee on the Review of
National Minimum Wage, President Buhari endorsed N30,000 as the new national minimum wage. He also promised to send a bill to the National Assembly to effect the change from N18,000 to N30,000.
“This is more than three months and the President is now setting up
another committee purportedly to recommend modalities for the
implementation of the new minimum wage. So what did the first
committee that recommended the N30,000 minimum wage actually do?
“How committees is he going to set up on a new minimum wage that he
told Nigerians that he already approved since November last year and
was set to present the bill to the National Assembly?
“The President is simply playing on the intelligence of the workers by
giving impression that he is committed to the new minimum wage so as
to get votes from the them.
“The workers should therefore shine their eyes and avoid being
deceived by a President who has failed in all ramifications and
desperately seeking to hold on to power even at the expense of the
suffering Nigerians.”
While insisting that the president lacked clue and cannot provide any
solution to the problems of Nigeria, Governor Fayose said no amount of
deceitful committee will sway the workers into reelecting allowing a
failed government to superintend over the country for another four

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