Fayose’s Aide Mocks Fayemi over Fake PDP ‘Defectors’ Story

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Says: Governor should mention their names, designations
Media Aide to Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Lere Olayinka has advised the State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, to face the serious task of governance instead of allowing himself to be duped by those arranging for him, supposed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) defectors whose identities were not known.
Olayinka, who was reacting to media report that over 500 political
office holders under Fayose’s government decamped to the APC, asked:
“What positions did they hold in the government? What has Fayemi done so exceptionally that will attract any sane mind to join the APC in Ekiti State?”
In a statement issued on Wednesday, Olayinka said it was funny that some section of the media could be used to celebrate purported defection of supposed 500 former aides of Fayose without mentioning the names and position held by at least five of them.
He said “rather than preoccupying himself with arrangement of fake
defectors and vendetta, which has made him not to pay the salary of
duly elected local government official and members of statutory
commissions in the State, Fayemi should begin to take stock of his
close to two months of nothing as governor.”
Fayose’s spokesperson called on members of the public to ignore the defection story, saying no one defected from PDP to APC in Ekiti
Olayinka said; “If they are sure of their claim, let them release the
names of at least 10 of the so-called defectors and evidence of the
positions they held under the government of Fayose. Were they council chairmen, councilors or supervisors? Or do you just report that someone was a political officer holder without mentioning the
“It is only when you are desperate to create an impression that you
get swindled with this kind of arranged defectors even when your own party people are boiling inside because you have neglected them.”
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