Gov Obaseki Needs Help! Celebrating Notorious Cultist Tony Kabaka with Cow Gift Not Normal

•Tony Kabaka...
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Opinion | By Isaiah Jesuobo | 28. 12. 2021

In the African traditional society, we are told when you are found of sleeping with old women, don’t criticize it in public, you

•Tony Kabaka
•Gov Obaseki (r) and Tony Kabaka

r actions will be made opened to people.



This is how Obaseki has vanquished the goodwill he used to scam the good people of Edo State by claiming he was ending Godfatherism and Agberoism in Edo State. Today, is not only a Godfather, he is an Emperor and Agberos in Edo State now wear uniforms with his name Obaseki scrawled all over their heads.

Yesterday, the social media was emblazoned with pictures of the Chief of Staff, Iyoha, gifting Tony Kabaka a full cow and 2 bags of rice.


I need not go into how the governor had been treating his supporters with disdain and like peasants, my focus is what exact message is Obaseki trying to send to the public by openly courting that hired hand, election rigger, cultist and dangerous man with all manner of questionable character? Obaseki has ended up eating and drinking his vomit and shit.

•Tony Kabaka…

No single sane mind can explain this action that was well televised and peddled on all social media platforms by the obsessed Obaseki paid supporters.

The issue is about BBC Tony Kabaka and Obaseki, nothing else.

PDP in Edo State must wake up this very moment to look at the big picture; Obaseki’s actions are not normal.


Abnormal behaviour only comes from abnormal minds. Should a sitting governor who is a member of PDP, even at the surface level, be seen openly aligning with a BBC Self Acclaimed Thug and Criminal? What is the consequences of his actions?


At least we know that his actions has betrayed and openly exposed those who stuck their necks to support him. Or how else can we view the gifting of the notorious APC youth leader a cow and bags of rice? Is Obaseki surrendering to Kabaka because of the BBC interview where he claimed he is a member of the proscribed Black Axe secret cult?


For us in PDP, we owe it a duty to educate Obaseki now that he is dipping himself into his own Season of Anomie so that he can retrace his steps and get back to the ethics of the party and norms of political engagement.


What he has just done is a clear anti-party activity and I will call for his suspension and that of his Chief of Staff from PDP or else he will continue to score own goals to the detriment of the party.


The Party on its own must publish a rejoinder to disassociate itself from this useless act before the narrative takes strong hold in the hearts of voters.


This is so because this kind of unprecedented reward to a character like Tony Kabaka will encourage cultists and killers and assassins in the state since they get government patronage.


Tony Kabaka is an enemy of the Edo State people, he has inflicted pains and misery as a hired hand and a cultist. He has been used severally for political and electoral malpractices.


Now that Obaseki has treated Tony Kabaka as a celebrity after the BBC interview, what is next?


No single Edo State citizen should rationalize this act. Whatever the strategy is for the gifts is a complete failure as 90% of Edo State citizens have shown utter disappointment towards the childish act. This is an utter desecration of the PDP government policies.


We the members are all ashamed and I am sure whatever is the reason for the idiotic act will certainly fail too. We couldn’t have campaigned using an end to this types characters and then go back to be patronizing them. This is utter betrayal.

Some say the Chief of Staff, Hon. Gbovo, who is bent on wrestling political power from Hon. Ogbiede-Ihama Ihama in Oredo will be needing Tony Kabaka. And this is an absolute rubbish.


The voters are more sophisticated than how Obaseki and Iyoha can ever think. They can no longer get them through brute force.


Did Obaseki not fail in his illegal harmonization in the whole of the 18 LGAs in Edo State? If he likes, he should come out to openly apologize to Kabaka for illegally destroying his building, nothing will help his battered image, rather he is digging his own political end and those of his followers.


Hon. Iyoha, the CoS, should have called BBC to cover this illicit action so that the world would know that yes, to be a thug and a criminal pays according Kabaka.


I have not heard any justification for this abhorrent behaviour but some will come to his defense soon.


Perhaps if he is given the right to collect taxes in Ring Road by Obaseki, since that’s where we are heading towards, some idiots will still come to defend Obaseki and his irrational policies which one ought to ordinarily be ashamed of.

Obaseki won’t be contesting elections in the nearest future so he can take his supporters for granted.


I know the consequences of his actions will certainly affect the party come 2023 and 2024, so it is only the duty of the party to remove this man from the party through all legal means.


Since he won elections, while others are courting new members, his actions have been driving old members of the party to APC.


Just recently, 26th precisely, over 200 APC members joined PDP in the country home of Chief Dan Orbih, the PDP leader in Edo State who is also the South South PDP Vice Chairman. His home was opened to thousands of humanity.


Meanwhile, no single individual has joined the party on the basis of Obaseki. He is a human repellant.


Yes, Kabaka could have come to apologize to the governor or whatever, but there are better diplomatic ways to deal with him since he is supposed to be a societal outcast rather than this sordid act of open advertisement.


Has Obaseki forgotten so soon that one of the policies that was used to win the 2020 election was that characters like Kabaka would be no more in Edo State?


If the BBC documentary was done in 2022, that is after this sorry development by the recalcitrant governor, the show of shame would have been part of it. Perhaps Obaseki would have been disgraced as a member of the banned Black Axe cult notorious for a lot of senseless killings in Edo State.


There is no strawberry fragrance for failure. This is beyond an error of judgment, let no one think it was a mistake. Obaseki deliberately planned this for the purpose of infliction of injuries on the Edo State people.

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