Holy Ghost Congress: Nigerian Worshippers Pray for Prosperity Holding   Foreign Flags‎ as Point-of-contact 

*Worshippers prayings with displayed Foreign Flags.

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By Tinuade Adeshiyan


Some worshippers at the just concluded RCCG’s 2018 Holy Ghost Congress, prayed using flags of foreign countries as their point of contacts for greener pastures, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

NAN also reports that the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) camp ground at Shimawa, Ogun, has a corner in the church premises where flags of foreign countries were conspicuously displayed.

A NAN correspondent, who was at the six-day congress, reports that both male and female worshippers were seen holding unto different flags of foreign countries at prayer sessions.

Some of the worshippers were seen praying kneeling down in between the flags.

In an interview with some of the worshippers, a 35 year-old man who identified himself as Emmanuel Ukor, confirmed that he prayed with the flag of the country he intended to visit.

“I have faith and that’s why I am holding American flag pole for prayer, I have been going to the embassy and had been denied several times.

“There is nothing prayer cannot do, I believe God answers prayers,” he said.

Also, a 22 year-old man, Adebola Martins, said that he wished to leave the country to study for his Master degree.

“I want to leave this country for the United Kingdom to further my studies and as well stay there to make end meet, that’s why I am holding its flag,” he said.

Another 60-year-old woman, Mrs Faith Grace, said she held the flags to pray for her children based abroad so they can continue to live well.

“I am using the flags as prayer points of contact to all my children.’’

However, one of the pastors, who pleaded anonymity, said things work with people’s faith.

“Although the flags displayed represent the countries where the church has it parishes, faith works with mind; they are asking God for what they want and so shall it be,” he prayed.
*Worshippers prayings with displayed Foreign Flags. LP
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