In a Letter, ‘My Dear Niger Youth’, Charly Boy Asks Youths to be Resilent, Focused

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Showbiz maverick and activist, Charles Oputa, a.k.a. Charly boy, on Monday urged Nigerian youths to stay “focused, tenacious and consistent’’ to achieve their dreams.He stated this in an open letter titled “My Dear Niger Youth’’, made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

“However critical our situation is, it is time for the exceptional Nigerian youth to rescue us, as no country ever develops without breaking away from the clutches of sycophants, mediocrity and narrow mindsets.

“The exceptional youth is the one who in-spite of the gory story, woes and disappointments from all nook and cranny, realizes that quitting or giving up on him/her is not an option.

“Stand tall even when you have no reason to stand, if you truly what change in Nigeria’’, he urged.

The “Area Fada’ as he is popularly called by young people, expressed empathy with the Nigerian youth, while lamenting the current economic challenges facing the country.

“Really, my guys, these are crazy times, and most of us are about to snap.

“I understand your pains, your hopelessness in an environment that has promised so much but delivered so little.

“I must confess, I have had periods of extended self-pity, sometimes I have felt conned by this country.

“Some other times I have wished I was still at the prime of my youth so I could take out some of those who have sold our future,’’ he said.

He said it was time for the youths to stand and hold leaders accountable in order to see the change they so desired and to secure their future.

“Where is the change they promised us.

“Those that have power and are in power are far too comfortable to notice the pains of those who suffer.

“And those who suffer have no power to speak the truth to those in power.

“On one hand are those corrupted by power, and on the other are those corrupted by weakness and foolish fear. Oh Naija! Which way?

“The youths must stand now and hold leaders responsible if they truly desire good change”, he asserted.

He advised the youths that regardless of how bad things are, they should work towards achieving their dreams.

“My advice to you therefore, if you feel that you are going through so much shit and it feels like hell, invoke the `Charlyboy spirit’- the spirit of resilience, focus and determination,’’ he urged.

NAN reports that Charly boy is the proprietor of Charly Boy Foundation, an NGO that sensitises young people to dangers of drugs, and motivates them towards realizing their potentials and dreams.

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