Key La Liga Confrontations

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La Liga is a tournament that will leave no one indifferent. Such top-rated stars, as Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play there. Such players always attract much attention of fans and experts.

The Spanish Championship is traditionally distinguished by its passion and pressure. There is always an intriguing struggle for 3 points. Its peculiarity is several principal derbies at the same time:

  • Madrid;
  • Catalan;
  • Andalusian.

Besides, the main gem of the championship is a match between “Real” and “Barcelona”. El Clàssic attracts an attention of hundred millions of spectators all around the world.

La Liga is rapidly growing and winning new fans from all corners of the world. The current season may probably go down in history, as Catalan “Barcelona” is an only team that has never failed it. Now, almost all users can watch livescore soccer, so matches of the Spanish Championship are discussed more than ever.

Season 2017/18

In the current campaign, the leadership is taken by the team of Valverde who sometimes can’t keep its rivals out but beat them confidently at the head-to-head competitions. The season 2017/18 is distinguished by a serious struggle for entering the triple. Now the favorites are “Atlético” and “Real” but everything may change, as the season is coming to an end. There is also a competition for the Pichichi Trophy of the current season. By the middle of the season, it seemed that this trophy would be probably won by Lionel Messi. However, after the New Year, Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved impressive results and shoot 2 goals at each competition on average.

It is still possible to take revenge for the handicap tournament until the season ends. Despite the fact that in this season the match between “Real” and “Barcelona” has almost no significance for the table, there is no doubt that it will be very intriguing and spectacular, as fans of both teams won’t just forgive them for a dismissive attitude towards El Clàssic. The championship is still developing, progressing and winning new fans. Local stars show a higher level of playing than the EPL football players.

There is no doubt that in summer we will see several sensational transfers, first and foremost in terms of the grands. The squad strengthening will let make the tournament more attractive for fans and experts.


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