Knowledge Summit 2019: MBRF Unveils Findings

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of ‘Future of Knowledge a Foresight Report’


• The Report assessed 5 future fields of knowledge: Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Future Skills.


Dubai – The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) revealed findings from its Future of Knowledge: A Foresight Report to audiences attending the Knowledge Summit 2019 in Dubai on November 19-20.


The Report was compiled by MBRF and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as part of the Arab Knowledge Project, and in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), to be an extension of the Global Knowledge Index.


Moderated by Lynn Chouman, News Editor at LinkedIn, the session featured Laurent Probst,Partner at PwC Luxembourg and Global Network leader of the Regional Innovation Ecosystem; and Jan Sturesson, Strategic advisor, international public speaker, and Founder of RESTING – Advice from the Future.


“Knowledge is not just about being developed, it is about being stored and eventually used. It is a complex ecosystem of issues and demands, creators and innovators, enablers and facilitators, and cultivators and users,” said Jan Sturesson, noting that unlike the traditional economy, which peaks and eventually decreases in value and revenues over time, the knowledge economy continues to grow exponentially.


“Knowledge today is overmanaged but under led,” he added, describing that as ‘yesterday’sposition’, where the approach to knowledge focused on quantity and volume of knowledge and data. Today’ approach focuses on quality of knowledge and real-time analysis via social media. 


Laurent Probst presented the Future of Knowledge: A Foresight Report, revealing that it covered 40 countries, assessing five future fields of knowledge: Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Future Skills. The report sought to measure the level of awareness among populations of participating countries regarding the five fields.


Singapore, Mexico, and Luxembourg took the first three spots on the Global Technology Awareness Index. For AI Awareness, meanwhile, Luxembourg came first, followed by Mexico and Singapore, whereas the UAE ranked 9th for AI, leading the Arab region. Luxembourg, Mexico, and Singapore also took the first three spots for Cybersecurity Awareness.


Mexico came first for Biotechnology Awareness, followed by Switzerland and the UK, meanwhile, Singapore led the way on Blockchain Awareness, establishing itself as a global centre for the technology. Second and third spots went to Malaysia and Mexico. As for awareness of future skills, the top three countries were Turkey, Bangladesh, and Finland

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