Lagos Residents Embrace Digital Communications to Achieve Goals

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By Joan Odafe

Some Lagos residents on Saturday said they would engage in digital communications for personal and business purposes as a strategy to accomplish their goals in 2021.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  that experiences  from 2020 taught them that doing business the same way would  not help to them realise their dreams.

Mr  John Osinnowo, an education consultant, said his goal in 2021 was to increase his client base.

Osinnowo,  also the Founder of Promising Nigeria, a non-governmental organisation, which seeks to promote patriotism among the youths, said he planned to reach more people.

He said that he intended to achieve the goals by talking to more school owners and others using various social media platforms.

Osinnowo prayed that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic would not result in lockdowns to avoid a setback.

“If there is a lockdown and students are at home, School owners will not need my services.

“My NGO plans to have a programme for youths this year; to achieve that is simple.

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“The structure is there, the attendees know themselves, I have contacted speakers and they are all in for the event, but if there is another lockdown, it may affect that plan,” he added.

Mr Ernest Eze, a businessman, told  NAN that communicating through digitalal platforms and staying healthy were prerequisites to achieving his goals in 2021.

“I have seen that one-on-one interaction isn’t can’t work because of coronavirus.

“You can’t go to certain public places anymore. Going digital especially for businesses is one of the steps I am taking to achieve my goals.

“Another thing is to keep myself healthy because if I contract the virus or any other disease, it can  stop my dreams,” he said.

Mr Soromtonna Okwuosa, who produces sugarcane juice, said one way he planned to grow his business in 2021 was to use  digital platforms.

“One important thing last year taught us is to go digital.

“Any business that is not online or digital has not started,” he said.


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