Lawmaker Gets the Flaks over Support for Jonathan

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A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kyari Gujbawu, is under fire as a group, which simply calls itself Maiduguri Patriotic Front (MPC), y duty at the National Assembly for an ego massage for President Goodluck Jonathan.
Gujbawu represents Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC) was irked by action of the lawmaker because in their reasoning, he has lost touch with the people of his constituency and that the only known task he seems to be undertaken is acting as a mouthpiece for the President.
The MPC’s secretary, Abba Kime Lawan, Gujbawu, accused the lawmaker of “selling out his constituency mainly to please the Presidency for his selfish interests which can best be described as errand sycophancy”.
The group reminded the lawmaker that he was not elected to be mouthpiece of the President but rather to speak on behalf of the people of Maiduguri who have shown displeasure with the handling of the Boko Haram crisis by President Goodluck JonathanThe statement said: “it is unfortunate that Gujbawu has made it his ‘new legislative duty’ to regularly and unnecessarily speak against the overall interest of Borno people over matters the member shows clear ignorance of.”

The group while maintaining that the “lawmaker is fast becoming a lost son,” said: “We have noticed for some time now, that our otherwise representative, Hon. Kyari Gujbawu, forcefully and needlessly go to the media in support of the Presidency against Borno any time there are issues and in the process he displays ignorance of the matters at stake.”
The statement further explained that the lawmaker might have decided to become Jonathan’s errand boy instead of giving his people the right representation because he feared he might not be re-elected but stand a better chance of being selected a minister by the president.
It further stated that the lawmaker should retrace his step and stop standing against anything that Borno people believe in especially as he is acting as if he was representing his people in his “misguided opinion.”
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