Liverpool Set Points Record after 21 EPL Games

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By Olawale Alabi 

Liverpool’s 1-0 win at Tottenham Hotspur in the 2019/2020 English Premier League (EPL) on Saturday means they have set a new record.

It is for points gained from the first 21 games in any of Europe’s “big five’’ leagues.

Here is where their record stands alongside the rest:

England (EPL)

Liverpool (2019/2020)

M-21 W-20 D-1 L-0 P-61

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Previous record

Manchester City (2017/2018)

M-21 W-19 D-2 L-0 P-59

Spain (La Liga)

FC Barcelona (2010/2011)

M-21 W-19 D-1 L-1 P-58

Italy (Serie A)

Juventus (2018/2019)

M-21 W-19 D-2 L-0 P-59

Germany (Bundesliga)

Bayern Munich (2013/2014)

M-21 W-19 D-2 L-0 P-59

France (Ligue 1)

Paris St-Germain (2018/2019)

M-21 W-19 D-2 L-0 P-59

*M-Matches, W-Wins, D-Draws, L-Losses, P-Points


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