Mark to Nigerians at Sallah : We Have a Common Destiny, ‎Urges Peaceful, United Nigeria

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Immediate past President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, has urged Nigerians to renew their indomitable spirit and rise up to the current Socio- Political challenges and economic recession .

Media Assistant to Senator David Mark, Paul Mumeh, said in a statement that the Senator in a good will message to Nigerians marking this year’s Eid-el- Kabir said : ” We cannot afford to give in to failure on account of economic recession . The only option we have is to evolve strategies to over come the odds”.
Bad as the situation is, Senator Mark reasoned that the difficulties have its positive sides as it demands our creativity to think outside the box for survival.

Senator Mark however tasked the government to lead the way by creating an enabling environment for citizens to pursue and realize their ambitions unhindered.

He stated: ” No one can pretend or shy away from the realties on ground that our country is facing hard times. What is required now is to confront the challenges honestly and genuinely.

“One of the ways to face the task may of a necessity require government to take a hard look at its policies and programs and possibly review it in tandem with the present circumstances”.

Senator Mark believes that Nigeria has a reservoir of intellectuals and renowned Economists who can be engaged to fashion out a blue print that is needed to get us out of the quagmires.

He reminded the present administration that such experts must not necessarily be in government or members of the party in government to answer the call for national duty especially in the task of salvaging the nation.

For Senator Mark , ” this is not an issue of political allegiance or loyalty. This is the struggle to save our nation. In this battle to salvage Nigeria from economic woes , every one must be his brother’s keeper”.

He stressed : “This is a war against hunger, disease and squalor . It demands the input of all, irrespective of religious or political affiliations. It’s a war that must be collectively fought for our survival”.

Senator Mark further canvassed for religious tolerance between and among various adherents saying ” We have more to gain by cooperating and living in harmony with each other than otherwise”.

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