Nigerians Want Result, Not Promises, Cleric Tells Buhari 

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“Poverty has become a way of life for many Nigerians who could barely feed once in a day. This is not what they voted for. They voted, hopefully, for a better alternative.” – Abidoye
Spiritual Father and Chairman, the Holy Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC) Worldwide, Most Reverend Samuel  Adefila  Abidoye, has lamented that despite the posturing of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, its anti-corruption moves and general reform initiatives, Nigerians are yet to see any  improvement in the standard of their lives.
At the state we are in this country presently, Nigerians are really anxious for improvement in the standard of their lives. They are hungry for new things. They want to see the realisation of the much anticipated change promised them. 
“However, it appears Nigerians may actually be waiting for too long’’.
He further lamented that: “The social equation has become so lopsided that poverty is no more an anathema in our society. “Poverty has become a way of life for many Nigerians who could barely feed once in a day. “However, this is not what they voted for. They voted, hopefully, for a better alternative. They want better lives for their children. They desire improved social condition for young graduates. They want to see infrastructure improved. They need assurance of systemic change for better social well-being.”
Abidoye in a message to the nation on this year’s Easter celebration titled: ’’Nigerians deserve change’’ made available to our correspondent in Bauchi on Tuesday  noted that ‘’violence has increased across the land, especially sectional, electoral and others that gives worry about a stable nationhood. Electoral processes are becoming platforms for reaping death among the citizens’’.
According to him, “It has not been a smooth journey since the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration was unveiled. 
“By next month, this administration will be a year on the saddle, yet, little has changed in the status of Nigerians despite the posturing of the administration, its anti-corruption moves and general reform initiatives’’.
While stating that  government’s insensitivity is also on the increase‎, the cleric cited the Kaduna State government “that is trying to push through a bill in the state Assembly, which is trying to restrict religious practices across the state. 
“The fact that a religious organisation arguably perpetuated some unlawful acts in the state in the past should not be a licence for total clampdown on individual’s right to worship their God. 
“The Nigerian Constitution not only recognises, but also gives right to citizens to religious activities’’.
Instead of the line being towed by Governor Nasr El’Rufai, more subtle option like a committee on religious harmony could be set up to handle the matter. 
“My Church”s headquarters has been in Kaduna since 1941 without any problem with the government of the state. If this new law is passed, we may be forced to consider moving out of Kaduna to a more tolerant place.”
Abidoye, who also appealed to Nigerians to endure a little further, however advised the Buhari administration to hasten up on its reforms agenda “because the way anger, frustration, fears and disappointment is building up among the people, the government needs to be concerned, very concerned’’. 
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