NiMet Predicts Dust Haze, Sunny Activities for Sunday

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By Gabriel Agbeja

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted dust haze conditions over northern region down to the inland cities on Sunday.

NiMet’s weather outlook on Saturday in Abuja further predicted the coastal region to be sunny and hazy.

According to it, dust haze condition is expected over the Northern states throughout the forecast period with day and night temperatures to be 28 to 33 degree Celsius and 10 to 17 degree Celsius, respectively.

“For Central states, dust haze condition with visibility range of 2 to 5km is anticipated over the region during the forecast period.

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“Day and night temperatures are expected to be 27 to 36 degree Celsius and 11 to 20 degree Celsius, respectively,” it said.

NiMet forecast dust haze condition over the inland cities with visibility range of 2 to 5km during the forecast period, while sunny and hazy situation is anticipated over coastal belt, during morning hours.

It further predicted sunny conditions likely to prevail over the coastal region later in the day.

“Day and Night temperatures are expected to be 34 to 37 degree Celsius and 16 to 24 degree Celsius, respectively,” NiMet said.


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