NiMet Predicts Thunderstorms, Rains for Friday

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By Monday Ijeh

 The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted thunderstorms and rainfall over northern parts of the country on Friday.

It, however, stated that Maiduguri where cloudy condition would be expected in the morning hours was exempt from the wet day prediction.

NiMet made this known in its Weather Outlook by its Central Forecast Office in Abuja on Thursday.

It also envisaged prospect of thunderstorms and rains in the north-western axis in the afternoon and evening hours.

The agency said that day and night temperature in the region would be in the ranges of 27 – 31 degree celsius and 20 – 24 degree Celsius, respectively.

It predicted cloudy morning  with  chances  of  rains  over  Kaduna,  Jos,  Bauchi, Ibi,  Makurdi,  Lafia,  Yola  and  Gombe.

According to it, there  are  prospects  of thunderstorms  and  rains  over  the  entire  central states in  the  afternoon and evening  hours.

NiMet predicted that day and night temperature in the region would be in the range of 27 – 30 degree celsius and 21 – 23 degree celsius except for Jos that would be in the range of 24 and 17 degree celsius.

“Cloudy morning, with prospects of light rains are envisaged over a few places like Enugu, Umuahia, Owerri, Ikom, Warri, Asaba, Calabar, Port Harcourt and Yenegoa axis.

“Moderate  rains  are  expected  over  the  south- east  coast  and south-east inland cities while cloudy conditions are  expected  to  prevail  over  the  south-west  inland  states  in  the afternoon and evening  hours.

“Day and night temperature in the southern region is expected to be in the range of 27- 30 degree celsius and 21– 23 degree Celsius, respectively. 


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