Obasanjo, Jonathan Accused of ‘Unpatriotic Alliance to Jeopardize Nigeria’s Existence’

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A group of well-meaning Nigerians have warned former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan against forming a dangerous alliance capable of plunging the country into anarchy.
The Concerned Nigerians made this known in an open letter signed by Rev Musa Fomson and Prince Raymond Enero, Convener and Secretary respectively and addressed to the erthswhile leaders.
Chief Obasanjo was president between 1999 and 2007 while Jonathan govern the country’s affairs from 2010 to 2015, yet both leaders were allegedly synonymous with corruption, nepotism and insecurity.
The estranged duo, however, suddenly turned stern critic of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, embracing the slightest opportunity to lash out at the incumbent.
The Concerned Nigerians believes as  former leaders, though, the pair have unashamedly rendered themselves as agents of destabilization used by vested foreign interests to destroy the nation.
The group lamented that the former presidents’ “senseless loquaciousness on national issues”  is unbecoming, especially after they failed to utilise the same office.
“ We  have observed that you often plant landmines directly or indirectly on the path of the incumbent Presidency through inciting and derogatory public comments. It is becoming unbearable for the rest of us to bear and we thought it wise to let you know,” the letter roads in part.
“ Both of you had  the golden opportunity to lead Nigeria, and in  Chief Obasanjo’s case  even twice. But we did not see any significant impact on the prosperity or fortunes of our country. So, we cannot discern why both of you should decide to gang-up either overtly or clandestinely to ensure that President Buhari is not allowed to also use his wisdom in the leadership of this great country and be held accountable for his actions or inactions?
“ Had you remembered to transform your great vision or ideas when you held the office of President of Nigeria, this illusory and caustic thinking that outside of the same office, you  have better ideas on  how to move Nigeria forward would not suffice at the moment.
“ It means you never moved Nigeria to any level of development or prosperity despite the enormous resources at your disposal.  To begin to think that out of office your policies and programs are better or the incumbent is so wrong is not only disingenuous, and distractive, but also inherently a faulty inclination which should not be aligned with former leaders of any nation.
“ We wish to remind both of you of consciously pulling Nigeria back while in  Aso Rock either by acts of omission, negligence or inactions. If you were genuine leaders, with any modicum of character worth the names you answer or flaunt anywhere today, your betrayal of Nigeria would have shut up permanently and silently watch President Buhari do the things you could not do for us as a people and a nation.
“ Your Excellencies, again, permit us to remind of a few things you did to drag this country to the Golgotha.  And we will start with Obasanjo, the self-acclaimed father of Nigeria, professional letter-writer, an elder statesman who neither respects his age nor utterances, the apostle of hate speeches and irremediably corrupt leader.
“ Therefore, Your Excellencies, your atrocities or sins on Nigeria are too many to be exhausted. But let it be known to you that we are aware that the reason both of you have reunited today is to scout for ways to destroy Nigeria. And this plot is now well known to the citizens and the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
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