Official Says WHO Proud of Nigeria over Ebola Containment

Executive Secretary, National Primary Health Care Development Agency,

Mohammed Ado, has said the World Health Organisation has commended Nigeria’s handling of the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in the country.

He also said the world body has urged Nigeria to provide expertise and build the capacity of other countries in the sub-region‎.

Ado said the commendation was made when President Goodluck Jonathan met with the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Margaret Chan, on the successful containment of the

Ebola Virus Disease in the country and the effective transmission polio


He also disclosed WHO is set to announce Nigeria as the next country to exit the list of polio endemic country having successfully reduced the burden by 95 per cent between 2013 and 2014.

Ado said: “Mr. President had interaction with WHO DG, we discussed the issue

of polio myelitis ‎ and she commended Mr. President for the leadership and

effective management that had  led to effective transmission polio myelitis in Nigeria ‎and also containing the Ebola virus outbreak. And

Nigeria was well commended because Mr. President demonstrated highest level of leadership and other countries were called upon to emulate the good work of Mr. President.

“You will recall that for polio myelitis between 2013 and 2014 Nigeria was

able to reduce by 95 per cent the burden in the country. Nigeria is being

tipped as the next country to exist from polio endemic country and was again commended by all countries and the leadership of Mr. President was appreciated by WHO and other countries were called upon to emulate Nigeria’s example”.

On the new committee on Ebola and how Nigeria can benefit from it, Ado said,

“Nigeria’s roll in containing the Ebola outbreak in the country was well commended and other countries were called upon to emulate us. In fact one

key thing that came out from the meeting between Mr. President and WHO DG

was for other countries to benefit from Nigeria’s expertise in terms of

containing Ebola and Nigeria is going to support other countries in terms

of capacity building, in terms of the emergency operation centers that we


Because the emergency operation center that we used which is the

holding room arrangement which was used to contain the Ebola outbreak in

Nigeria. So Nigeria will be supporting other countries in terms of capacity

building and human resource because already we have about 500 human

resource available to assist other countries within the west African sub


“So what this means is that public health system in Nigeria is working and

working very well under the leadership of minister of health and with the

overhead oversight of Mr president. So lots of good things are happening in

Nigeria and is obvious that Nigeria is providing that leadership in the

Sub-region in terms of containing the Ebola virus”, he said.

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