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By Chuks Ogbekile

We have all at one time or the other heard this question asked by someone around us.

Change has proved itself to be the only constant thing as seen in economic uncertainties, changes in quality of formal education, alarming unemployment rates, decreasing average life expectancy among several uncertainties. Parents now make a long-term budget for their children education with allowances attached for their upkeep after graduation. These and many other challenges that have left us with many questions than answers have been causes for concern among the discerning minds. While there is an increasing number of educated, employment opportunities are shrinking. The number of graduates churned out annually seems to have a negative relationship with and at variance with the critical skills required to buoy the economy. While people have increased their average working hours per day, the standard of living is decreasing. Recent Statistical figures have it that only about 10% of graduates churned out every year in Nigeria are gainfully employed leaving the remaining 90% underemployed, unemployed and some with lifetime unemployment.

To be honest, Nigeria is not the way it was before now. Being a graduate then was great for you and your family; but not so today. I foresee not only Nigeria but the world, heading towards a private-sector-driven economy. This is particularly as the solution seems to be out of the reach of the government, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will no longer be asked where you work; it will be more of what you can do. Organizations will be principally made up of entrepreneurs who come together for a symbiotic synergy that does not put financial or capital burdens on some but all critical Stakeholders. In short, our world is changing rapidly to the bewilderment of the unprepared.

I have heard some describe the successful today as those who saw today, yesterday. It is not far from the truth. The future belongs to those who see it today.

Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates saw today, yesterday. They leveraged on technology to prepare & profit from what they foresaw about today and built companies around their envisioned tomorrow. Today they are being celebrated as those who saw today, yesterday.

Who are the ones to be celebrated tomorrow?

While we cannot tell the next change that is to happen and sidetrack some soon, we can leverage the benefit of History to forecast, more accurately, those things we can do to have ourselves positioned for the change ahead of us to favor us.

  1. We must be prepared for change. Change is inevitable. We must all today be able to leverage the opportunities made available today by Science & Technology. We cannot afford to be left behind. Don’t be unnecessarily conservative. Stop complaining about change and ride on its wings to your desired destination. We must follow positive trends as time & tide wait for no man.
  2. Be current and futuristic. Study trends and follow the necessary. Peep into tomorrow and live it out. Be future conscious in all your decisions and actions.
  3. Continuous self-education & Skill development. University education is not enough. It is the beginning of education. Stop patronizing Social Media for entertainment alone. If you want to be watched on television for good News, reduce the time you spend watching television. Read quality Business related Books. Attend Entrepreneurial seminars. Wet your saw (sharpen your skill). Know what others don’t know (unique marketable skills). In the words ofAristotleThe secret to success is to know what others don’t.
  4. Pioneer new business parts. Yes. You heard me right. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs did it. Allen and Bill Gates did it. A lot of Entrepreneurs are doing it today around us. Wake up and be among those who will be counted as “those who saw tomorrow” Do something new. You may not need to travel the old warn-out parts all the time. Leverage the Blue Ocean Strategy. Others may have to follow you as their mentor.
  5. Expand your Network. Get acquainted with Kevin Bacontheory of Networking: Six degrees of separation. There is a limit to your rise as a loner. Quality networking makes the journey more rewarding for you. Your net worth is a function of your network. Networking is at the root of Customer Acquisition Skill (CAS).



*Ogbekile is an Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurial Consultant.


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