OPINION | 7 Signs That Show You Are Wired to be an Entrepreneur 

*Chuks Ugbekile

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By Chuks Ogbekike
I have always been confronted with this question in my seminars: Can any person be an entrepreneur? This is by no means a wrong question in our world today where Entrepreneurship seems to be gaining popularity, particularly, among 8-5 workers.
I shall be revealing here signs that you are wired to be an Entrepreneur. While these may not be sufficient criteria for Entrepreneurial success, they are the necessary criteria and can’t-do-without Entrepreneurial structures on which other criteria ride to birth the desired success.
It is necessary to put three caveats here. One, you may not have to have all to be a successful Entrepreneur. Two, this is not an attempt to contribute to the age-long debate of whether Entrepreneurs are born or made. Three, it is not prescriptive in content but attempts to elicit confidence in those who until now have erroneously written themselves off in matters of Entrepreneurship as not-fit-for-purpose. This piece is not intended to discourage Entrepreneurs-to-be, but to boost the morale of those who think they can’t.
 1. You are immune against Social Proof.  You are focused and don’t as a habit believe the majority must be right. You don’t follow the Joneses or do whatever every other person do or approve. Remember: “If you live your life today the way others won’t, you can live your life tomorrow the way others cannot”.
2. You dream of paths less traveled. You see or create unique opportunities with solutions not common in your environment. Entrepreneurs are unique in their approach to life. They venture into new endeavors that leave people saying: well, let’s see how he succeeds in this path. If you are good at breaking fallow grounds, it suggests you are wired to be an Entrepreneur.
3. You have a healthy self-esteem. You may be seen often by the critical majority as proud and arrogant. This is basically because you focus more on your vision than allow others to dissuade you. You believe in yourself to a fault.
4. You see opportunities in every situation. A story was told about a man who took his two sons to a Forest. On arrival, while he glanced at the trees, he asked them what they saw? One said he could see wood, while the other said he could see chairs and tables. Do you see every raw material as a finished product?
5. You have a strong passion for your convictions. You not only find what to live for, but you also find what to die for. When you decide after good analysis of your decisions, you burn the bridge. You only do with friends things that do not negate your personal vision.
6. You are good at using other people time and money. This is not in any negative sense of cheating others; rather it is in your unique ability to legally mobilize resources: money and workers to achieve your pre-determined goal. This is the secret of great Entrepreneurs that enables them to mobilize financial capital for their business and have loyal employees.
7. You have an insatiable appetite for learning. Leaders are readers. Those who consistently research quality business Books and Biography of great Business founders are more likely to have great business ideas than those who don’t. It is acquired ideas acted upon that birth great business.
*Chuks Ogbekile is an Entrepreneurial LifeCoach & Public Speaker
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