Opinion….  A Good Law Vetoed by a Good Man?

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By Leonard Shilgba 
I am a Good Law,  but why am I vetoed by a Good Man?
If a Bad Man had wounded me,  it wouldn’t have bothered me much.
If a Bad Man had stabbed me in the back, I would have understood and endured.
I am a Good Law,  even as the Good Man affirms.
But why does the Good Man say I will cause confusion Now?
If I am a Good Law, why does the Good Man say I will bring tension and not peace?
Am I a Good Law and Confusion also?
Am I Good and Evil at the same time?
Is he then a Good Man and Bad Man at the same time?
The Good Man praised me publicly for helping him ascend the Rock.
When I was not that Good as I am Today I helped him, and he was glad.
Today that I am much better and  stronger, he kicks me away saying, “You good ladder, I need you no more; I have already used you to climb the Rock.”
Let the people judge between me and this Good Man.
Who is Good?  The ingrate who used me,  but rejects me in a much “gooder” form?
Would you not accuse the Good Man of mischief?
“Good Law,  you are beautiful above your former self.
“But in this your new beauty I find you a threat to me.
“I fear some other may benefit from you above my hidden interest.”
“I do not reject you,  but can’t you tarry awhile until it is much safer for me to unveil you?
“I have a  post for you in mind; a post for your mailbox. POST 2019219 is the code.
“My veto pen is not a rejection of you,  but a hindrance for them.”
Alas! Are you then Good? Does a Good Man choose for himself against the people he should serve?
Let the people judge. Tell this to the nation. Broadcast it abroad. The bottle has broken; the wine is spilled. The Good Man cannot save himself.
The leopard has cast off the guild to expose its spots.
Was the Good Luck a fool?
Is the Good Man smarter? No to both queries.
Good Luck has honor even after I threw him from the Rock, being the ladder he had made, which the Good Man used to climb.
Good Man, don’t you have honor?
Good Man, don’t you love your nation?
Good Luck would not sacrifice  the blood of his people for a “platter of gold.” And would you sacrifice me for one more term?
To the Good People with conscience:
If your representatives will not veto the Good Man, veto them both.
Do you not know that the veto pen of the Good Man will take more lives and shed much blood from 2019219? And it may be your life and blood for the crude ambition of the Good Man. Remember our youths, including those in the NYSC, whose lives may be taken if you allow Good Man to chain me down, calling me Confusion and Tension.
Enough of this name-calling! If Good Law is Now Confusion and Tension, how about Good Man?
He or she that has ears, let them use them well.
*Leonard Shilgba 
(General Overseer of Bible Clinic Ministry)
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