OPINION | Awara: A Failed Product of the Ugly AAC/APC/Army Alliance

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By Simeon Nwakaudu 
I must say that Amaechi’s boy, Engr Biokpomabo Awara, is a comedian of some sort. Imagine him appearing on radio to talk about an election that he never campaigned for  and did not present himself to the people for consideration on any platform. In the strictest sense of the word, Rivers people did not know Awara before the March 9, 2019 Governorship Election.
This is a man who ran under a party that had no House of Assembly candidates anywhere in the state.  The party virtually had no agents and had no posters of their Governorship Candidate anywhere in the state. It is surprising  that the same man continues to play the Ostrich just to please his defeated master.
Nationally and internationally, the truth about the 2019 Rivers State Governorship Election is known. Rivers People  won. They stood firm and resisted the criminal  alliance  that attempted  to steal their mandate.
We cannot  sit idly and allow a misguided man attempt to lie on the victory of Rivers people over the forces of darkness.  Without fear of contradiction, Rivers people defeated the ugly AAC/APC/ARMY Alliance on March 9, 2019. Biokpomabo Awara is just s failed product of the defeated ungodly evil alliance.
The 2019 Rivers State Governorship Election  was a manifestation of the terrible rot in the Nigerian Army.  Soldiers of the 6 Division were captured on video in different Constituencies  attempting to rob election results and abduct Electoral Officials. In one case in Ogu/Bolo LGA, women were captured on video pulling  down a soldier who invaded a Collation Centre. In Okrika, ONELGA , Abua/Odual, Ikwerre LGA similar videos outlined  the criminal activities of soldiers.
The most horrific was the failed attempt by soldiers of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army to invade INEC Headquarters in Port Harcourt.  The aim was to abduct the REC and other officials and thereafter manipulate the Electoral Process.  Like other previous attempts , it was foiled by vigilant Rivers people.
Awara has the right to appear on radio to express himself, but he should restrict himself to the financial fortunes that fell his way by virtue of the unfortunate AAC/APC/ARMY ALLIANCE.  He is a wealthy man today on that score. But he should continue  to find an appropriate  means to do penance for  the several Rivers people murdered by the Nigerian Army and F-SARs, simply  because  they attempted to impose him on Rivers people. It is disingenuous to lie about  an election where he had no political  relevance. Till date, where are the political  followers of Awara?
Awara should focus on the internal conflict of the AAC, a political party built on anti-people schemes. A party where her leaders are ever willing tools in the workshop of political crooks. In Rivers State, the AAC/APC/ARMY alliance will continue  to fail.
It is rather shameful that Awara Biokpomabo tried to insult the Judiciary because he lost at the Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal.  This is not surprising.  He is following the footsteps of his sponsors. Whenever, they lose, they pull down the roofs. They throw around baseless allegations  and rant aimlessly.  Anyone associated or birthed by the APC is usually anti-Rivers. They strive to destroy  the state.
Awara has no script.  He is only acting the script of the defeated Former Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.  Even the author of the script  is ashamed of how events turned out. He could not even give President Muhammadu Buhari 25percent of the votes cast during the Presidential elections.  All the candidates  that Amaechi supported  during the National Assembly elections lost woefully.  How then did Awara Biokpomabo expect Amaechi to deliver him.
A godfather who couldn’t  deliver  his Presidential Candidate despite  the massive  deployment of soldiers to intimidate voters, cannot have the competence to deliver an unknown Awara. Governor Wike’s re-election was a confirmation  of his acceptance by the good people of Rivers State.  It was a clear  statement that the people  can defeat any tyrant, irrespective  of the forces  of darkness he deploys. The 2019 Rivers State Governorship Election  was a declaration by Rivers people that there can be no room for RUGA politics of subjugation in the land. The GOC who led the military wing of the AAC/APC/ARMY ALLIANCE is A RUGA man. If these guys had succeeded, the era of subjugation and transfer of Rivers resources would have been foisted on us.
The victory of Governor Wike during the 2019 General Election was the victory  of good over evil. Awara is merely a tool in the hands of the evil forces of the RUGA Political Workshop.  He is not privy to the unfortunate plot against Rivers people.  His former running mate, Chief Akpo Bomba Yeeh withdrew when the evil plot dawned on him.  Awara is just like a stranded passenger picked along the highway . He is unaware of where the vehicle took off from and where it is heading to. He is only clinging to the evil plot for economic reasons.
Yeeh said: “As a practicing Christian,  I have come to the conclusion that the actions and desperate attempts by Amaechi and the AAC/APC alliance to rig the Governorship and State Assembly elections in Rivers State are both morally and legally wrong, reprehensible and inimical to the collective interest of the people of Rivers State.
“The Almighty God will not forgive me if I continue to lend my support  to Rotimi Amaechi’s perfidy against the democratic rights of the people of Rivers State to freely elect their own leaders “.
Rivers people are beginning to heal from the evil coup against their mandate.  Awara should not inflict further injuries on the people through poorly hatched propaganda stunts.
The station he went to, is fast becoming a centre for the absurd. It has become a platform for political misfits to spew lies and disregard respected norms. Gradually, the programme  is losing what is left of its reputation. For the  managers of Rhythm FM, Port Harcourt, it’s all about the money.  There is no respect for Broadcast Codes. Same callers week in, week out. Same APC folks calling weekly in choreographed manner to promote an evil media campaign, that has become very tasteless.
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